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Why summer is the perfect time to start potty training

Why summer is the perfect time to dive into potty training

#pottytraining #summer May 30, 2023

As we begin to approach warmer months here in the USA, you're likely thinking of school camps, vacations and water activities. But did you know that potty training during warmer weather has it's advantages. Let's dive into the top reasons why summer is the perfect time to start potty training your kiddo. 

1. Summer clothes are lighter 

Say farewell to those thick layers of winter clothing and hello to light and airy summer outfits!

Potty training is all about teaching your child about what their body's signals are and what to do when they have these urges... and with thicker clothing and more layers, this can take a little bit longer!

Warmer weather means your child will be wearing lighter clothes, which helps to increase your child's awareness of these urges and also help them to feel when they have accidents (and learn from these!)

Light clothing and less layers also makes it easier to manipulate clothing on and off... making it easier for your kiddo to go to the potty independently. 

2. Its easier to start bottomless 

Given those warm temps, its much easier for your kid to start potty training naked from the waist down.. and when you start your child bottomless, you give them the greatest chance of understanding what their body's signals are.

3. You can venture to the backyard 

Starting potty training at home in those initial few days is important for your child to feel comfortable and less distracted.

However at times staying indoors with a curious toddler can be challenging!

The warmer weather means your toddler is able to head outside into the backyard and have the freedom of movement, the ability to release energy and provides your child a sense of independence and self-directed play which they oh-so crave at this age.

4. More fluids... mean more learning opportunities!

As temperatures rise, children tend to drink more fluids to say cool and keep hydrated...

... and the more your child drinks, the more drinks to the bathroom...

.... which means more opportunities to teach your child about using the potty!

5. Preschool is around the corner

For many toddlers, preschool programs start around September and many school require kids to be potty trained before starting. So if this is the case for your child, plan to start potty training at the beginning of summer... so there is less stress to get it done and naturally less pressure on you and your kid!

When there is pressure there is usually more resistance... so be sure to start potty training as early into the summer as possible! 

5. Often families have more time at home.

With school often out and schedules more relaxed, there are naturally fewer interruptions and it's easier to find a week to start potty training. Less schedules also means a more consistent environment for potty training... which can set your child up for an easier and faster potty training experience!



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