Get your child to poop on the potty in 5 STEPS. 

5 steps to resolving your child's pooping issues and get them using a potty for good.

Is your child not pooping on the potty or toilet yet?

 Is your child:


💩Withholding their stools?


💩Pooping in diapers only?
💩Soiling their underwear?


💩Experiencing pain, shame & embarrassment that you're desperate to resolve?
💩Are you sick & tired of cleaning soiled underwear?


You and your child are not alone

As many as 1 in 5 kids will refuse using a toilet for bowel movements once they begin potty training.*

And as common as it may be, it doesn't help the shame and embarrassment that often come with pooping accidents. 

Soiling underwear or insisting on a diaper is not something any child wants to do... nor is it something your child is doing to intentionally upset you. And the reality is, waiting for the day for your child to "grow out of" this habit may never actually arrive without intervention. 

In many cases, the reasoning behind your child's resistance to using a toilet goes undetected, leaving parents feeling hopeless, defeated and exhausted by the stress pooping issues cause... as well as the emotional impact, pain and discomfort it causes for their child.

 *Taubman, Bruce. (1997). Toilet Training and Toileting Refusal for Stool Only: A Prospective Study. Pediatrics. 99. 54-8. 10.1542/peds.99.1.54. 


How To Get Your Child To Poop On The Potty Guide!

At last there is a resource with answers. 

there is an expert-led, evidence based guide on how to finally get your child to poop on the potty. No more trawling the internet for answers that can leave you as confused and overwhelmed as ever! Now you can identify exactly what is causing your child's resistance to using a toilet or potty and understand how to go about overcoming it in 5 manageable steps.


Understand the cause

Our 38 page guide will help you to identify the underlying cause of your child's behavior so you are no longer left in the dark and have the answers you need.

Address the problem long-term

Break the vicious cycle and learn exactly how to address the issue, so you can set your child up for success long-term.

Manage your child's anxieties 

Learn how to help your child overcome their fears and make them feel safe and secure to poop where it belongs - in the potty or toilet!


Wait! You'll also get a bunch of BONUSES.

You will also receive access to a bunch of bonuses aimed to make getting your child pooping on the potty a whole lot easier!

Potty Shopping Guide

A curated guide on useful products that provide comfort, the right posture and to make clean up easier.

Diaper Check Sheet 

Track your child's progress so you can get on your way to removing diapers both days and nights!

Downloadable Reward Chart

THE POTTYS Downloadable Reward Chart to help self-motivate your child 

Recommended Toileting Books and Videos

Introduce your child to toileting with our recommended list of books and videos, and help your child to learn in a fun, visual way. 

Food & Fluid Diary

Our food diary will help you track your child's fiber and water intake to ensure its meeting the goals for healthy bowel movements. 


A child who confidently and independently uses the toilet for bowel movements is in reach.

What parents are saying💛


Jasmine. E

Son, 33 Months

"My son was the child that waited all day for his diaper to poop in. For 6 months we gave in and let him poop in his diaper, thinking he would "just grow out of it." I couldn't find an answer on why he was doing this and how to get him to use a potty... until I came across this guide. After a couple of months of following the 5 step process, he started to poop on the potty. This guide quite literally saved my sanity. 

Megan S.

Son, 26 Months

"My little man is successfully now doing poops on the potty... just like that he is doing it ! All the consistency paid off :) so proud of him, and thank you. Your guidance has been so helpful.

... He now just says "poo poo", and walks to his potty all by himself and actually stays there long enough to complete it all confidently and comfortably."


Learn how to get your child using a potty in the comfort of your living room!

Simply download it to your tablet or print it out to read on your sofa. By the end of the guide you will know exactly what is causing your child resistance and how to go about resolving it.

There's nothing to lose except your diaper bills!

This is my promise to you. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the course, we will refund you your money no questions asked within 30 days.

I'm Kim.


I am a potty training consultant & a mom to two gorgeous girls.

My interest in potty training was first sparked when I was potty training my 2.5yo while I was 37 weeks pregnant. After a few unsuccessful attempts & struggling to find a resource to help, I began 2 years of research into best potty training practices & started to brainstorm how I could provide an easy & supportive resource for parents looking to potty train their kids. During this time, I learned the importance of:

  • Removing the pressure on both adults & kids
  • Prioritizing a child's development & health to ensure long term success
  • Respecting potty training as an individualized process

My 'How To Get Your Child To Poop!' Guide was created after receiving dozens of messages a day on helping parents resolve their child's pooping issues.

Since starting my business I have helped 100's of families to empower their children to independently use a potty with a no-fights, no-pressure approach.

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