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Potty training doesn't need to be overwhelming.

Potty training can be a daunting and anxiety inducing experience for parents.

Finally there is a potty training course that offers stress-free, fights-free potty training with your child's health and development front and center. This expert-led, easy-to-follow online class uses an evidence-based method that gets ahead of common hurdles, ensuring success first time round. 

Our potty training method focuses on teaching your child how to respond to their signals of needing to go and will ensure your child is feeling prepared and excited to learn their newest skill.

Our approach is the pathway to getting your child out of diapers for good!

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Learn how to determine when your child is ready, prepare your child, what to do during training and how to incorporate it into your routine. 


With the right preparation, you can get ahead of common fears and anxieties like pooping issues, peeing issues & more.


There is nothing quite like THE POTTYS® Reward Game that engages their interest and motivates your child to go potty! 

We give you the tools you need to see your child succeed.

Each child's potty training journey is unique. Thats why we have packages and products to suit every family.

Online Courses

We offer a range of potty training courses to suit all families circumstances. 

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Reward Game

Our unique reward game has everything you need to get your child engaged and motivated to go potty.

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Expert Support

We offer various consulting packages to suit your needs, whether that be via email or text, or more personal one-on-one virtual consults.

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Get your kid rocking at potty training!

Our advent style reward game aims to normalize toileting, engage your child's interest and motivate them to try their newest skill of going potty.

Boost Confidence

Our advent-style reward chart rewards your child with a surprise toy(squeals of excitement included!)


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Normalize Toileting 

Our 'potty band' of characters feature throughout a children's book which uses bright visuals and humor to engage their interest & normalize toileting

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Use Play To Motivate

Our game also includes potty stickers, visual cue cards and a certificate to make toileting fun and something your child wants to do!

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Son, 26 months

"We absolutely loved this potty training kit... this definitely made potty training so simple and easy!



Danielle R.

Daughter, 29 months

The Pottys was a gamechanger for us. As a busy mum the videos were a really quick, engagingand relatable way for me to upskill and feel confident about the toilet training journey.

 Gemma B.

Son, 28 months 

"My son has loved reading the book and earning his stickers and toys and we have had success since Day One. Not  tear or tantrum from either of us."

Kate P.

Son, 27 months

"My son loves music so the rock and roll band element really appealed to him, turning something that was becoming stressful (and frustrating to me) into a fun activity we could work on together."

Dari F.

Daughter, 27 months

"The Pottys is outstanding!!! I am beyond impressed!!




Son, 30 months

"Your program has been a Go-send!... I'm so glad I bought your program months ago so it gave me time to go through the videos and understand the concepts in my heart, not just my mind."

About Kim

Hi, I'm Kim! I am a potty training consultant and a mom to two gorgeous girls.

My interest in potty training was first sparked when I was potty training my near 3 year old while I was 37 weeks pregnant (!!) After a few unsuccessful potty training attempts, I began 2 years of evidence based research into best potty training practices and came to the conclusion the key to successful potty training is:

  • Removing the pressure on both adults and kids
  • Prioritizing a child's development and health to ensure long term success
  • Respecting potty training as an individualized process
  • Using the power of play to engage children in their important new life skill!

I started THE POTTYS® for parents looking for stress-free approach to getting their child out of diapers. The content in this course is a byproduct of 1000's of hours of evidence based research on the best and latest potty training practices. Since starting this business I have helped hundreds of families to empower their children to independently use a potty with a no-fights, no-pressure approach.

Our Potty Rockstars

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

This is my promise to you. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with THE POTTYS® Course or our products, we will refund you your money no questions asked within 30 days!

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