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Cut The Crap: How To Ditch Diapers Fast & For Good! 

This newly updated program will help you go from anxious and overwhelmed to confident, capable and equipped to get your child using a potty using an easy, fast and practical method that is fun, stress-free and confidence building for your child. Every child and their potty training journey is unique, and with expert support via weekly Q&A's and A-Z vault of overcoming challenges, you’ll feel equipped to tackle any issues that may come your way.



My approach is backed by science and centered around your child's development... meaning it requires no pressure, no force and aims to get potty training done right and your child out of diapers the FIRST TIME YOU ATTEMPT IT.

Centered around your child's development means encouraging your child's independence and boosting their self-confidence. 

It also means using tools and strategies that make using a potty not only a stress-free and positive experience for your child... but one that you can go to bed at night feeling good about.

Cut The Crap will give you all the tools, scripts and answers so you can flush those crappy feelings of stress, overwhelm and parenting self-doubt and replace them with feeling confident and capable to guide your child out of diapers for good.


Parents who have heard the potty training horror stories and want to get potty training done once and done right

Forcing your child to sit on the potty doesn't sit well with you and you want something that doesn't cause stress to your child AND works

Kids who are still in diapers and have never used a potty before and you have NO IDEA how, where and even where to begin

Kids stuck in the place of "sometimes using a potty, sometimes using a diaper" and you're finding it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel

Not showing any interest in toileting what-so-ever no matter what Paw Patrol rewards you use and you're envisioning your child in diapers at their high school

Showing resistance, fears and tears at any mention of sitting on the potty and you're at a complete loss as to how to encourage your child to sit without forcing them   

Whether you are a mom diving into potty training for the very first time, or you have tried it before and are wondering why your second child is so much harder than your first... or you and your partner work full-time and you're wondering how the hell you're going to potty train your child with multiple caregivers...

You're in the right place! 

The Cut The Crap will give you the tools and strategies for your child to start using a potty in as little as 3 days.

The program will:

Prepare Your Child For A Smooth Transition Out Of Diapers

Preparation is so much more than just buying a potty. In fact, preparation before you start is critical to your child's willingness to sit on the potty and a smooth, stress-free transition. 

Know Exactly When To Start (Or Not To!)

Because timing is everything in ensuring success. You'll learn how to know when your child is ready, when to wait and what may need to be resolved before starting. 


Get Ahead Of Pooping & Fear Based Issues

by having the tools to identify potential red flags and understand what to do to get ahead of these



Step-By-Step Guide On Getting Started At Home

with a practical guide over 3 steps with scripts and details on exactly how to know when to progress or when to take a break


The 'Know-How' To Get Ahead Of & Manage Hurdles

like resisting pooping on the toilet, withholding pee and tears... with tips on strong-willed and anxious personalities

Get Your Child Back To A Normal Routine

whether its at school, another caretaker or getting back to playdates, park dates, holidays & more.. whatever or wherever it is, you'll have the answers!


"Kim was incredibly helpful when potty training my son. She had amazing resources, made me feel so much more confident with the process and guided me through all the hurdles. 

For us, potty training was a bit daunting, and she made us feel so much more equipped!"

Pediatric Physiotherapist, Melbourne Australia

Cut The Crap Will Get Your Child Out Of Diapers Fast and It's OFFICIALLY OPEN for Enrollment

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$59 $47 (20% off)


Success Stories From Real Parents 

What's Inside Cut The Crap:


Preparation Before Starting

Here's where we take you where most potty training methods don't.... the first step in successful potty training actually comes BEFORE you begin. We'll be going through exactly what age you should be thinking about potty training, what developmental readiness means and how it relates to potty training skills specifically, as well as practical examples on what you can do before you begin potty training to get ahead of common fears and anxieties. 

By the end of this module, you'll have TOTAL clarify about WHAT to do before you start, how to know WHEN to begin and how to adequately set up your space for success. 

Module Highlights:

  • Learn the important first step of Pre-Potty Training
  • Understand biological readiness and why waiting until a certain age is so important for your child's long term health, so you can sidestep expensive consultations down the road
  • Determine your child's developmental readiness so you can confidently pick a date and start
  • How to determine if your child is constipated and why this is critical to clear before starting 

Setting The Stage For Success 

This module is all about giving you the tools to set your child up for potty training success once you begin potty training. We start with going through our method that aims to build your child's confidence and see them thrive. We'll set you up for success with a a non-pressured, playful, clear and consistent method that will help build connection and get your child from "not telling me before they go!" to "taking themselves independently to the potty!" We'll also be going through preparing for nights and naps, how to pick a date, rewarding and how to prepare for caretakers before you begin.

 Module 2 Highlights:

  • The decisions to make upfront so you can either prioritize day training first or days and nights together (yes, it's possible!) giving you clarity on whether to start while your child is in a crib or wait
  • The 3 imperatives for Timing It Right will ensure your child's body is in optimal health for starting potty training, ensuring they're experiencing pain-free bowel movements and have ZERO fears in sitting on the potty 
  • Emotionally prepare your child for a smooth transition to school so you're not coming back with soiled clothes for weeks or months on end 
  • Use rewards effectively to create a fun, self-motivating and stress-free environment for your child 

Step-By-Step Potty Training 

Once your child is prepared and ready, this module will take you through a step-by-step process on how to go about potty training at home. With scripts and milestones, there will be ZERO guesswork and you'll be left feeling like a total potty training PRO by the end of it!

Module 4 Highlights:

  • Getting your child emotionally prepared, engaged and eager to ditch diapers the week before starting 
  • Step-by-step potty training across 3 Stages, detailing what to do when you start, right from the morning of Day 1 so you'll be left with zero guesswork
  • You'll feel confident in your child to get out of the house WITHOUT a pull-up and start getting back to a normal routine of school, park dates and travel 

JOIN TODAY And Receive These Bonuses To Help Tackle ANY Hurdle That Come Your Way  


A To Z Of Challenges Vault

Access our 24/7 A to Z of Potty Training Challenges Vault where you can get quick answers to common challenges children and parents face during potty potty training.

Whether it's "How to travel on an airplane with a newly potty trained toddler" or "My child withhold's her pee until she wears a diaper" you'll have an answer, turning your anxiety and frustration to confidence and capability.

$349 Value 

What You’ll Get:

  • 24/7 Vault access to our ever-expanding potty training questions so you can get immediate answers whatever time or day it is
  • Lifetime access so you can go back to this resource if you face hurdles in a few weeks, months or years down the road 

THE POTTYS Digital Downloads

Engage your child's interest in using the potty through the world of THE POTTYS! These downloads will help to introduce and normalize potty concepts, to remove fear and hesitation and get your child self-motivated about the journey ahead.

$49 Value

What You’ll Get:

  • Downloadable THE POTTYS Reward Chart 

  • THE POTTYS Storybook E-book 

  • Visual Cue Cards - make your bathroom a place your child wants to be in and to guide your child through the process
  • Certificate - Download and print our certificate and reward your child for their efforts!

"Not 1 tear or tantrum from either of us. I'm so proud of him. Proud of both of us really.

We are on Day 5 and I'm honestly so shocked at how simple the process has been."

Check out what this mom had to say about our course!

"Hi Kim,
I just wanna say a huge thank you for your toilet training programme!
We started the potty training with our son in when he was 2,5 years old but we haven't seen any remarkable progress for 3 months at all. Our son did not want to express his urge or he expressed it only after he voided already. And although we know that it was just a matter of time, it is a process and we just need to keep patient, we still seemed to begin from zero every day. ðŸ˜¥
Then - in my ‘despair’ phase - I have just come across with your course promo, I have bought it, have completed it within a very short time and have started to ‘implement’ your method IMMEDIATELY.
And with your help our son has become potty trained for daytime within just a week.
I have started with the commando phase (due to the autumn season) and continued with only putting on him underwear. And since then almost no accident happened, he just naturally goes to the potty every time he feels the urge.
I cannot put it in words how grateful and relieved I am as he starts nursery next year now being prepared for school!😘 
Thank you so much, Kim! xxx"

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Cut The Crap: How To Ditch Diapers Fast & For Good - $197 Value
BONUS 1: A To Z Challenges Vault                                      - $149 Value
BONUS 2: THE POTTYs Digital Downloads    - $29 Value 

Total Value: $375


But when you ENROLL TODAY, you’ll get access to everything for just:

One Payment Of 


$59 $47 (20% off)


Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Cut The Crap: How To Ditch Diapers Fast & For Good 
- $197 Value
BONUS 1: A To Z Challenges Vault 
- $149 Value
BONUS 2: THE POTTYs Digital Downloads 
- $29 Value 

Total Value: $375


But when you ENROLL TODAY, you’ll get access to everything for just:

One Payment Of 


$59 $49 (20% off)


There is nothing to lose except your diaper bills with our Risk-Free 30-Day Guarantee!

If this was me 2 kids ago and I was considering whether to invest $59 in potty training my child - my fingers would be racing to this exact part of the page.

I get you!

You're not afraid to invest in your child as long as its worth your money and time... and promises to deliver the result of a stress-free, pressure-free, fights-free way out of diapers. 

So here is why you can place your confidence in a money-back guarantee and break-free from any hesitations you may have. 

If you have completed the course and you do not have the confidence to get started with potty training within 30 days of purchase, simply reach out and tell us and we'll refund your money in full. 

Save yourself time and money with Cut The Crap.

Don't just take it from from us👇

"I didn't join Cut The Crap right away because I was confident that the other potty training books I have would be helpful, but it didn't actually work. Thats when I decided to give Cut The Crap a try.
It 100% did help with my daughter's potty training journey. The courses are very straightforward and Kim explained everything well...
I highly recommend The Pottys because your time, money, and brain cells will be thankful that you purchased it.


What parents asked before signing up for

Cut The Crap.. 

Enroll in CUT THE CRAP: How To Ditch Diapers Fast & For Good TODAY!

One Payment Of


$59 $47 (20% off)


More Raving Reviews â­â­â­â­


"It was a huge help since I was pretty nervous to start. It gave me the confidence to actually get things going. Thank you so much again."


"He is 100% toilet trained through the day thanks to the program we did with you."

Cut The Crap is perfect for you if... 

With our Risk-Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, you should give Cut The Crap a go if you're:

You want to get potty training done once and done right. 

You've heard the stories of potty training going on and on with no end in sight. Children soiling their underwear, completely resisting going near a potty or with absolutely no desire to even try.

If potty training is started without a consistent method and approach, potty training can be something that goes longer and can cause issues further down the track that causes more time, more stress and more money spent.

This will mean getting potty training done once and done right.

You've attempted potty training before unsuccessfully and you want to get it done right once and for all.

You have probably realized that potty training is HARD. You're experiencing total refusal, fights to sit on the potty. Maybe your child has shown ZERO interest or they are withholding their pee ALL DAY.

You're feeling like you are getting nowhere but you know that there HAS to be a way... and you're willing to do what it takes to get it done right once and for all.



You want this milestone to be stress-free, pain-free and shame-free for your child

You have probably realized that potty training is HARD. You're experiencing total refusal, fights to sit on the potty. Maybe your child has shown ZERO interest or they are withholding their pee ALL DAY.

You're feeling like you are getting nowhere but you know that there HAS to be a way... and you're willing to do what it takes to het it done right once and for all.




I can’t wait for you to join 

Cut The Crap!

Potty Training can be one of the most anxiety inducing developmental stages for parents and kids.

The overwhelm, the stress and anxiety of your child "just not getting it"... the fears for your child, the mess and that never-ending washing load!

As a mom of two under the age of 5...I GET IT. But here's the thing. 

With the right approach, potty training doesn't need to be a negative experience for you and your kid that drags on and on for months or years (quite the opposite!)

If you invest in an approach that is consistent with science and your child's development.. one that WILL set your child up for success for when you start and empower your child's confidence rather than hindering it....

Your child will confidently ditch diapers ONCE AND FOR ALL without the resistance and the fear... but instead with self-belief, confidence and beaming pride.

I created Cut The Crap for time-poor parents wanting an easy and fast way to get their child out of diapers once and for all... for parents who want the process to be stress-free, comfortable and positive for their kids.

I created it for parents who want no fluff - but clear-cut directions backed by science that will explain exactly what to do and how to do it at home.

I also created it for parents who don't want to feel alone on this journey going down internet rabbit holes for weeks on end without finding the answers they need.   

With a 30 Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee... there is quite literally nothing for you to lose aside from those hefty, never-ending diaper bills. 

I can't wait to meet you, hear about your story and cheer you on in Cut The Crap!

Enroll in 

CUT THE CRAP: How To Ditch Diapers Fast & For Good


One Payment Of


$59 $47 (20% off)