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9 Benefits of Starting With A Potty

#pottytraining potty Jan 25, 2023

"To start with a potty or to start with a toilet?"

This is often the question that so many parents wonder as they head into the depths of potty training research.

The truth is, starting with a potty or a toilet is something that is usually child-led. 

There is a small minority of kids that will preference starting with a toilet. These kids are generally over the age of 3, not as petite or perhaps they have a burning desire to use one after watching siblings or their parents using one. 

However, for most kids of potty training age, starting with a potty is much more preferable for a number of reasons... and there are also a tonne of benefits in doing this that will make potty training faster and a whole-lot easier for you and your kid.


 1. It's size appropriate for your child

A potty seat is a mini toilet bowel for children to sit on and use like a toilet. It's usually made of plastic and sits directly on the floor for easy access for kids of toddler age... meaning your child can easily hop on and off independently with minimal assistance.

Without being retrofitted properly with a toddler toilet seat insert and step stool, a normal sized toilet is difficult for a child to access without your help in the very beginning.

2. Its less intimidating than a toilet

Given a potty is significantly smaller than an adult sized toilet, it is less intimidating for little kids... not to mention there is a real possibility of a child falling into the toilet! This intimidation is often the underlying source of potty training fears, resistance and tears.










3. Its confidence boosting

Given its accessibility, not only can your child take themselves to the potty... but they have the ability to sit down, do their business and get up with minimal assistance from you.

This boost of self-confidence will help to nurture a fear-less, "I can do it!" attitude to toileting that will become the foundation of positive toileting habits for years to come.

4. A potty provides stability 

A good quality potty and one that is the right size for your child provides stability and comfort that helps them to feel safe and secure. Given that a potty is also on the floor, it also means your child's feet can be flat on the floor to ensure they feel stable (and without the feeling of falling in!).

A floor potty also makes it easier for a child to release when they have the urge. If a child sits on a normal toilet seat that is too big, it may mean your child will need to clench their inner thighs and tighten their pelvic floor muscles, making it difficult to release.

5. It promotes good posture

Most potties on the market promote the optimal pooping position once seated. This will see your child with their feet secured on the floor, with their knees slightly above their belly buttons and with the ability to lean slightly forward. This squat-like position enables the puborectalis muscle to straighten, making it easier for stools to pass through, which is important for all kids (adults too!)... and particularly important for kids with a history of constipation.

6. Gives your child a sense of ownership

When a child starts with a potty, particularly if they choose it, having their very own potty chair gives them a sense of ownership... which in turn will see your child be more inclined to want to use it!

7. It's portable!

The best feature of a potty is that it's portable! A potty can move from room to room and can be kept very close to your child in those early days. This is important in the beginning where there is a little time between urge and action and we are really aiming for getting as much pee and poop in the potty as possible to help build these associations for your child. 

The portability of a potty also means that it can be moved from inside the house to the backyard, trunk of your car and beyond, which is super convenient for car trips, trips to the park or beach!

8. It can be kept next to your child's crib

A potty can be kept right next to your child’s bed in the beginning... which is not only convenient for night training but also means your child can go independently during the night without your help.

9. You can purchase more than one

If budget allows, there is the option to purchase more than once to keep multiple around the house. This is particularly convenient for houses with multiple levels.

Child prefers to start with a toilet? No worries!

Some children prefer to start with a toilet instead, and if this is your child, that is totally okay. As long as your child is taking the lead here… as this will confirm that your child does not find the toilet intimidating or scary and more comfortable to begin with. The only circumstance I recommend starting with a toilet is if your child has a developmental delay so you can skip the extra transition from potty to toilet. 

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