THE POTTYS® Reward Game 

Designed by a potty training expert, the Reward Game is revolutionary potty training game that makes potty learning a super fun and motivating experience for kids.

Characters such as Biggie Potty, Lil Potty and Rockin' Rolley feature throughout the reward game to educate, normalize toileting and self-motivate kids to go potty! 

The Reward Game Kit includes:

  • An advent-style reward system that rewards kids each time they go potty with a foam toy.
  • Children's storybook that teaches kids about toileting using bright fun visuals and a touch of humor
  • Potty stickers to customize your child's very own potty to remove fear and make it something your child wants to use!
  • visual cue cards to explain the process and make the bathroom a place your child wants to go in!
  • Certificate, all aimed at  to reward your kid once they have completed the chart!
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How the Reward Chart Works

How the Reward Chart Works

Whats included

Advent Style Reward Chart

Once a child successfully uses the potty, place a Pee Wee or Pooey sticker on a compartment in numerical order. When the compartment is complete, open to reveal a bath foam toy surprise! 

12 Characters To Collect!

Once a child successfully uses the potty, place a Pee Wee or Pooey sticker on a compartment in numerical order. When the compartment is complete, open to reveal a bath foam toy surprise! 

Children's Book

Fun, bright visuals and a touch of humour is used in our storybook to introduce and normalize potty concepts, remove fear and get them excited for their journey ahead!


Potty Stickers

our kid can customize their VERY OWN potty using our Potty Decoration Stickers. Set up an activity for your child decorate their potty, so it's not just a scary, shiny piece of plastic to them, but something they are excited to use! 


Once your child is self-initiating, watch their self-pride grow as your reward your child's efforts with THE POTTYS® Certificate!


Visual Cue Cards

Create a bathroom environment your child wants to use with our visual cue cards, which will show your child what to do and where each thing is.

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What Parents Are Saying! 

Ashley B. 

Daughter, 30 months old

"She is IN LOVE with the book and the advent calendar with the characters and stickers. She carries them all over the house! WE've got so many other potty training books/sticker charts for her but I think the characters being actual potty things excites her!"



Son, 28 months old

"My son has loved reading the book and earning his stickers and toys and we have had success since Day One. Not 1 tear or tantrum from either of us. I'm so proud of him. Proud of both of us really. We are on Day 5 and I'm honestly so shicked at how simple the process has been."



Son, 28 months 

"We absolutely loved this potty training kit... this definitely made potty training so simple and easy!






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Includes advent-style chart, children's book, potty stickers, visual cue cards & certificate 


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Our Potty Rockstars

Hello, I'm Kim.

I am a potty training consultant & a mom to two gorgeous girls.

My interest in potty training was first sparked when I was potty training my 2.5yo while I was 37 weeks pregnant. After a few unsuccessful attempts & struggling to find a resource to help, I began 2 years of research into best potty training practices & started to brainstorm how I could provide an easy & supportive resource for parents looking to potty train their kids. During this time, I learned the importance of:

  • Removing the pressure on both adults & kids
  • Prioritizing a child's development & health to ensure long term success
  • Respecting potty training as an individualized process
  • Using the power of play to engage children in their important new life skill!

Since starting this business I have helped 100's of families to empower their children to independently use a potty with a no-fights, no-pressure approach.

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Meet the characters

that help normalize toileting and make the process fun for kids!