Learn how to potty train your child in UNDER 90 MINUTES...

Evidence-based and expert-led potty training that puts your child's development front and center to ensure success first time round!

Learn how to become a POTTY TRAINING PRO ⬇️

Learn how to potty train your child in UNDER 90 MINUTES...

Evidence-based, expert-led potty training that prioritizes your child's development to ensure success first time round.

Watch this to learn how to become a POTTY TRAINING PRO!


Does the idea of potty training make you anxious & insecure?

You're not alone! Potty training is one of the most anxiety inducing developmental stages for parents & kids. With so much conflicting information out there, potty training can be:

  • Overwhelming

  • Daunting

  • Frustrating

  • Lonely


With the wrong approach potty training can be longer & more challenging. 

Setting your child up for success first time round comes with the right approach that prioritizes your child's development and encourages their independence. The wrong approach can make potty training much more challenging and be a catalyst for long term issues like dysfunctional voiding and pooping issues... which can lead to more time, more stress and more money spent.

Ready to throw your stress & diapers away for good?


Stress-Free Potty Training Course... that cuts the crap!

Potty training doesn't have to be forceful, lead to power struggles and create habits that are difficult to break.

Successful potty training is about empowering your child and leaning into their desire for independence. It's about prioritizing your child's development and preparing your child adequately so you can get it done right the first time you attempt it.   

Our method uses the most up-to-date research that gets ahead of common fears and avoids issues that make potty training a longer, more challenging process than it needs to be.

If you're looking for a stress-free way out of diapers that is backed by science and an approach that you can feel good about, this course is for you.



Learn how to get ahead of common issues like withholding, resistance and pooping issues!

Whats included

On-demand videos

Step-by-step potty training teaching you what to, how to do it and how to get back to a normal routine. Includes scripts, on-demand videos & guides.


Downloadable Reward Chart 

Jam-packed with our THE POTTYS® digital reward chart, story-book, visual cue cards & more to visually track your child's progress & self-motivate them to try their newest skill!

E-book, visual cue cards & more

Download and print our e-book, visual cue cards & certificate to help normalize and get excited by the toileting process!

All the tools you need to succeed first time round.

At last there is an expert-led method that supports your child's development so you can feel confident your child will get out of diapers when you begin!

  • Up-to-date research that is backed by science to avoid common pitfalls 
  • Step-by-step method that'll make you a Potty Training Pro! No guesswork.
  • Build your child's confidence & independence to learn how to recognize and listen to their body's signals
  • Learn how to encourage your child with helpful scripts 
  • Get ahead of common fears and anxieties by learning how to set your child up for success

Course Modules


Understand big picture what potty training is, our method to get your child there & tools to customize your potty training journey.


Potty Training Defined

The Method


Learn the ideal age to start, signs to look for, the very important months before starting, timing this right for you & the importance of getting on top of constipation early.

When Your Child Is ready

When Not To Start

Months Before Potty Training 



Preparation is not just about preparing your home and child, but how to prepare for caretakers, prepare for nights and make the transition back to your normal routine easier!

Preparing Your Home

Preparing for Caretakers

Night Time Preparation

The Warm Up Act: The Week Before Starting


Learn our step-by-step method with 3 clear milestones that'll help you to understand when to progress. You'll also walk away with scripts that'll help you to empower your child to succeed.

Milestone 1

The Art Of Prompting

Milestone 2

Milestone 3

Getting Back to Routine

Setbacks & Maintenance 


Learn how to get ahead of common issues like withholding, resistance and pooping issues!


Wait! You'll also get a bunch of BONUSES!

With your FREE 7 Day Trial you also receive access to a whole bunch of bonuses aimed to make your potty training journey a whole lot easier!

PDF: Potty Training Workbook

Potty Training is an individualized process. Thats why we have included a workbook to help you plan and customize your child's potty training journey to ensure success!

PDF: Helpful Scripts 

Language is important to teaching your child how to listen to their bodies and learn from mistakes. Helpful scripts that you can print out and use throughout the potty training process.

PDF: Potty Training Shopping Guide

Get your child and house set up properly with my curated list of potty training products. No need to research the best products, we have done this for you!

PDF: Potty Training Pre-work Activities 

Get ahead of common fear and anxieties by planting the seed for toileting before you start training. 

PDF: Preparing For Caretakers

A mirrored, consistent approach is potty training is key. This PDF prepares your child for the transition back to school & for other caretakers involved in your child's care.

PDF: Understanding Constipation

A mirrored, consistent approach is potty training is key. This PDF prepares your child for the transition back to school & for other caretakers involved in your child's care.

PDF: List of Recommended Toileting Books and Videos

Introduce your child to toileting with our recommended list of books and videos, and help your child to learn visually. 

PDF: Potty Training On The Go Shopping Guide

Nervous to leave the house? We've got you covered with this guide specific to on-the-go potty training.




Danielle R.

Daughter, 29 Months

"As a busy mum the videos were a really quick, engaging and relatable way for me to upskill and feel confident about the toilet training journey." 



Melody T.

Son, 33 Months

"Your program has been a God-send!... I'm so glad I bought your program months ago so it gave me time to go through the videos and understand the concepts in my heart, not just my mind."



Son, 28 Months

"...Not 1 tear or tantrum from either of us. I'm so proud of him. Proud of both of us really. We are on Day 5 and I'm honestly so shocked at how simple the process has been."


I am a potty training consultant & a mom to two gorgeous girls.

I understand all too well how overwhelming and daunting potty training a child can be. 

My interest in potty training was first sparked when I was potty training my 2.5yo while I was 37 weeks pregnant. After a few unsuccessful attempts and drowning myself in internet rabbit holes, I found myself emotionally drained, began to question my parenting capabilities... and worst of all, I started to feel like I had failed my daughter.

After I struggled to find a resource to help and after many sleepless nights, I thought there has to be another way.

And so that was when I began 2 years of research into best potty training practices & started to brainstorm how I could take the stress out of potty training and provide a supportive resource for parents looking to empower their kids to independently use the potty. During this time, I learned the importance of:

  • Removing the pressure on both adults & kids
  • Prioritizing a child's development & health to ensure long term success
  • Respecting potty training as an individualized process
  • An approach that encourages independence rather than hindering it

Since starting this business I have helped 100's of families to empower their children to independently use a potty with a no-fights, no-pressure approach that prioritizes the development of children.

Meet the characters

that help normalize toileting and make the process fun for kids!

These characters feature throughout the digital reward chart, e-book, certificate & more, all included in your FREE TRIAL. 


There's nothing to lose except your diaper bills!

This is my promise to you. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the course, we will refund you your money no questions asked within 30 days.

Get started today with a 


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  • Immediate access to 5 step-by-step video modules
  • BONUS ACCESS: Overcoming Common Issues Module
  • Access to digital downloads like THE POTTYS Reward Game, Visual Cue Cards, E-Book & Certificate
  • BONUS Downloads: Potty Training Shopping Guide, Planting The Seed Guide, Potty Training On The Go Shopping Guide, List of Recommended Toileting Books & Videos, Scripts download, Potty Training Workbook, Potty Training Progress Sheet & more!