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Stress-Free Potty Training

Make Potty Training Fun

Build your child's confidence 

Stress-free course for parents, best-in-class reward game for kids. It's a win-win.

Say 👋  to an easy potty training experience for parents and a fun and enjoyable experience for kids.

With THE POTTYS® Course + Game, you'll receive access to our expert-led Stress-Free Potty Training Course which uses an evidence-based method that gets ahead of common hurdles and ensures success first time round.   

The real magic comes from THE POTTYS® Reward Game which gets delivered to your door, ready for your kid to open (imagine the excitement!)

Designed by a potty training expert, the Reward Game is revolutionary potty training game that makes potty learning a super fun and motivating experience for kids.

Characters such as Biggie Potty, Lil Potty and Rockin' Rolley feature throughout an advent-style reward system that rewards kids each time they go potty with a foam toy. Also included is a children's storybook, potty stickers, visual cue cards and certificate, all aimed at normalizing toileting and getting your child self-motivated to try their newest skll of going potty.

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How the Reward Chart Works

How the Reward Chart Works

Whats included 

Stress-Free Potty Training Online Course 

Learn a no-fights potty training approach that works, including useful scripts, practical video lessons, printable guides and real Q&As.


Advent-Style Reward Chart 

Once a child successfully uses the potty, place a Pee Wee or Pooey sticker on a compartment in numerical order. When the compartment is complete, open to reveal a bath foam toy surprise! 

Children's Book

Fun, bright visuals and a touch of humour is used in our storybook to introduce and normalize potty concepts, remove fear and get them excited for their journey ahead!


Potty Stickers

our kid can customize their VERY OWN potty using our Potty Decoration Stickers. Set up an activity for your child decorate their potty, so it's not just a scary, shiny piece of plastic to them, but something they are excited to use! 

Visual Cue Cards

Create a bathroom environment your child wants to use with our visual cue cards, which will show your child what to do and where each thing is.



Once your child is self-initiating, watch their self-pride grow as your reward your child's efforts with THE POTTYS® Certificate!


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An online course that takes anxiety out of potty training. 

Stress-free potty training comes from having the right tools and empowering your child's self-confidence at an age they crave it.  

Our method focuses on teaching children to listen to their body's signals of needing to go potty... just like we as adults do. 

It’s also about putting your child’s health and development front and center, to get ahead of common hurdles and ensure success the first time round.

In this expert-led online course, you’ll learn exactly how to prepare your child for a smoother potty training experience, how to go about potty training at home with helpful scripts, how to transition back into a normal routine, preparing for night time training, how to handle accidents, pooping issues, withholding and more. 

  • You want an easy guide to potty training that won't take too much of your time 
  • You want a respectful, gentle and effective approach that encourages your child's independence, confidence and self-pride
  • You want to avoid shaming or reprimanding
  • You want to avoid common hurdles faced by parents that makes potty training a longer and more challenging process   
  • You want to be equipped to tackle common potty training issues such as mistakes, power struggles, resistance, regressions and pee and poop withholding

Feel confident to dive in & start

Step-by-step guidance on what to do with helpful scripts 


Get ahead of common fears and anxieties 

That often prolong the potty training process


Be equipped to tackle common issues 

Pooping issues, withholding and more are all addressed in our FAQ section


Course Curriculum 


Module 1: Introduction

An introduction to THE POTTYS, what our training is all about and the '7 Pillars' to our approach to successful potty training.

Module 2: When to Start Rocking The Potty

This module goes through how to know when to start, when not to start and clearing up some common myths which get in the way of potty training success. 

Potty Training Signs of Readiness 

Potty Training Pre-work Activities

When Not To Start 

Constipation In Kids 

PDF: 'Parent Crap Beliefs'

Module 3: Setting The Stage For Success

This module goes through how to prepare your little one, your 'PT House of Rock' (home) for potty training success!

Preparing Your Little Rockstar 

Preparing Your PT House Of Rock

Preparing for Caretakers 

Rockin' with THE POTTYS

Module 4: Lets Rock The Pottys Training

This module goes through the actual days of potty training, breaking down the milestones we are looking for your child to reach, as well as how to incorporate these new behaviors into leaving the house.

Warm Up Act - Before We Begin

PDF: Talking Points (Scripts)

Milestone 1

Milestone 1 Follow Up

Milestone 2

Milestone 3

Module 5: Night Time Training And Rockin' Around The Clock!

This module goes through an introduction into night time potty training, including preparation and the process for removing diapers at night.


Rockin Daytime Naps 

Rocking The Night Away!

No Sweating Bed Wetting

Wait! You'll also get a bunch of BONUSES!

With your purchase of the Online Course & Reward Game, you also receive access to a whole bunch of bonuses aimed to make your potty training journey a whole lot easier!

PDF: Potty Training Shopping Guide

Get your child and house set up properly with my curated list of potty training products. No need to research the best products, we have done this for you!

PDF: Planting The Seed Guide

Get ahead of common fear and anxieties by planting the seed for toileting before you start training. 

PDF: Potty Training On The Go Shopping Guide

Nervous to leave the house? We've got you covered with this guide specific to on-the-go potty training.

PDF: List of Recommended Toileting Books and Videos

Introduce your child to toileting with our recommended list of books and videos, and help your child to learn visually. 

PDF: Scripts 

Language is important to teaching your child how to listen to their bodies and learn from mistakes. Helpful scripts that you can print out and use throughout the potty training process.

PDF: Digital version of our Reward Game, Cue Cards and Book

Should you need extra rewards, we have included digital versions of our reward chart, e-book and visual cue cards.

PDF: Potty Training Progress Sheet

In potty training, consistency is key. Track your child's progress during potty training to understand how to effectively prompt and share this with all caretakers to keep things consistent.

PDF: Activity Sheets 

These activity sheets help with visual learning and creates an enjoyable activity for your kid during potty training!

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What Parents Are Saying! 

Ashley B. 

Daughter, 30 months old

"She is IN LOVE with the book and the advent calendar with the characters and stickers. She carries them all over the house! WE've got so many other potty training books/sticker charts for her but I think the characters being actual potty things excites her!"



Son, 28 months old

"My son has loved reading the book and earning his stickers and toys and we have had success since Day One. Not 1 tear or tantrum from either of us. I'm so proud of him. Proud of both of us really. We are on Day 5 and I'm honestly so shicked at how simple the process has been."


Jacqui B. 

Daughter, 26 months old

"The Potty's chart worked to get my daughter to go potty! She has been potty trained for around 2 months and we are still getting requests to read The Potty's book. THANK YOU THE POTTYS!"











Nicole P. 

Daughter, 21 months old

My daughter (and I) absolutely loved The Potty’s training system!

She’s a huge reader, so the first day we sat her on the potty and read her The Potty’s book and she immediately started copying one of the characters in the book by saying “bye diapers!” every chance she got 😂

The second day we decorated her potty seat/step stool with the stickers provided and began using the sticker/reward system. Granted, my daughter is a huge fan of stickers and will do most anything to get one, but she started doing her business without hesitation and never looked back.

We’ve since blown through the entire rewards chart (she’s obsessed with the bath toys she received as rewards!) and graduated to both big potty AND travel potty.

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  • 5 Module Online Course
  • Reward Game including advent-style chart, children's book, potty stickers, visual cue cards & certificate 
  • BONUS: Shopping Guide, Planting The Seed Guide, List of Recommended Books and Videos, Scripts, Potty Training Progress Sheet & more.
  • Access to our digital downloads 



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  • Reward Game including advent-style chart, children's book, potty stickers, visual cue cards & certificate 


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This is my promise to you. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with THE POTTYS® Course or our products, we will refund you your money no questions asked within 30 days!

Our Potty Rockstars

Hello, I'm Kim.

I am a potty training consultant and a mom to two gorgeous girls.

My interest in potty training was first sparked when I was potty training my near 3 year old while I was 37 weeks pregnant (!!) After a few unsuccessful potty training attempts, I began 2 years of evidence based research into best potty training practices and came to the conclusion the key to successful potty training is:

  • Removing the pressure on both adults and kids

  • Respecting potty training as an individualized process

  • Using the power of play to engage interest and teach children their important new life skill.

I started THE POTTYS® for parents looking for stress-free approach to getting their child out of diapers. Since starting this business I have helped hundreds of families to empower their children to independently use a potty with a no-fights, no-pressure approach.


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