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When to take a break from potty training

#pottytraining #takingabreak Mar 22, 2022

If you follow me already on Instagram you will know that I am a big believer in the idea that once you are committed to saying good-bye to diapers, then say good-bye to diapers for good.

This is because when you put a child in and out of diapers (for example, keep them in underwear at home but pull-ups outside the home), the sensation of a diaper makes a child revert back to old habits. 

Children have only known the sensation of diapers from birth and because of this, they have not had to look internally at their body's signals of needing to go and just... well... go without thinking!

So, putting them in and out of diapers sends mixed messages, which can be incredibly confusing for a child, leading to a longer, more drawn out process... with a lot more mistakes.

However, there are some exemptions to this rule.

And these exemptions are  valid reasons as to why you should consider taking a break from training completely... put your child back into diapers and start again in 1-3 months time.




Here are my 3 key reasons as to when you should consider taking a break from potty training:


1. Illness or Injury 

Illness or injury during potty training can be a reason enough to stop training altogether and resume at a later date.

If your child is feeling sick or injured, they will be uncomfortable and understandably distracted!

It is also significantly easier if your child is healthy and happy when you are training them. This also applies to the trainer (you!) too. If you are sick or unwell, it will be difficult to maintain focus and patience which is so crucially important for potty training success! 


2. No progress

If there are persistent daytime mistakes, potty refusal or complete resistance with no signs of progress for at least 5 days straight, then it’s possible your child has not yet met the milestones needed to learn how to use a potty.

In saying this, a simple change may be necessary to see success, for example if you are experiencing power struggles, giving your child the feeling of more control may be the change needed to start seeing success!


3. Mental Health

There is no sugar coating it.

Potty training can be exhausting, physically taxing and furiously test your patience.

Maybe you are experiencing power-struggles with your child and it feels like it may be straining your relationship.

If yours or your child’s mental health is jeopardised, take a break. 


One last thing. When I say a break, I mean a complete RESET.

Start afresh by putting your child back in diapers and pulling back on all prompting.

If you are stopping because of power-struggles, focus on doing enjoyable activities together with your child to re-establish trust and to help your child regain their self-esteem, before starting again. 


xx Kim 


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